Montgomery Bus Boycott

Reason for Event:

- We are holding this event in order to desegregate buses. All we really want is to stop the segregation in buses and everyone being allowed to sit anywhere they want.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Thursday, May 12th, 2pm

Montomery, AL

- Options for transportation:

- Bicycles

- Church vehicles

- A friend's car

- Family car

Additional Info

Reason for Event:

- Many of African American people have been arrested for just refusing their seat to a white people.

- African American people are forced to sit on the back of buses and are not allowed to sit up front.

What is the Purpose?

- The purpose of this event is to convince African American people to stop taking the bus and take other forms of transportation.


- We are trying to force buses to desegregate and will not stop until all of them have desegregated, their profits will go down and will have no other option but to desegregate buses.