The Jumano Peoples

The Adobe Builders 101


Food - They ate crops such as corn, squash, and other vegetables

Government - Chief, and council of people

Housing - Buildings constructed from adobe bricks (made from clay and local grass)

Region - Pueblo

Religion - Dance ceremonies for different celebrations

Adaptations - Adobe bricks, pottery, and wall art

The Difference Between Regions

The Jumano people were farmers in the Pueblo region of Texas, and relied on irrigation systems from the Rio Grande river to water their crops. They didn't move around much, and lived a more stable life style. The Apache, however moved frequently, and depended heavily on their ability to hunt animals such as the buffalo for food, clothing, and shelters. They lived in the Plaines of Texas. The Coahuiltecans were a tribe that lived in the Gulf Coast region. They were hunters and gatherers like the Apache, and also relied on buffalo, deer, cactus tuna, and other foods to eat. They put wood through the skins of men's chests and chins, and painted themselves red and charcoal. The Caddo was a tribe in the Southeastern region that were farmers. They made beehive houses from branches and grass, and at crops such as beans and squash. Some of their traditions were to build mounds over the dead, and they also made tools so they would be more efficient farmers. Although all of these tribes are different in some way they all contributed to our society today, and left a memorable mark on history.