Were Does Electricity Come From?

Kai Samman and James Sandells

Electricity Cannot be Created Nor Destroyed

Electricity comes from multiple places. Yet firstly, I have to start off by saying that energy cannot be created or destroyed, and electricity is made from energy, so therefore electricity cannot be created or destoryed.

There are some examples of the sources of electricity.

- Powerplants

- Hydroelectricity

- Fossil Fuels

- Wind

- Solar

  • Powerplants use charged atoms to create electricity.
  • Hydroelectricity is electricity made from running or falling water water. It harnesses the kinetic energy and converts it into electricity.
  • Fossil Fuels are items dug up from deep underground - oil, coal etc. They are used to make electricity by many different ways eg. burning coal
  • Wind is created on windfarms were the kinetic force of the wind is harvested into electricity
  • Solar energy uses the sun to convert its light energy into electricity through the solar cells on solar panels.

In Conclusion, electricity can be derived from almost anything, even though it cannot be created not destroyed

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