By:Shaun Heflin



I like turtles

Turtles are the best

They can swim


I love to hunt deer in the morning

They come at us without any warning

I try to shoot straight

Before its to late

And get to the truck without falling.

Blank verse

The fall air is cool

I love to hunt deer

Rhymed couplets

To grandma's house I like to stay

We might go to a movie or out to eat

We find lots of stuff to do all day

Staying at grandma's is really a treat.


I miss my dog shillo so much

I miss his furry paw touch

I'd have to go find him when he ran away

I still think about him to this day.

Secondary poems


I am a boy with no fear and I always was confident on every thing I did

But know I am a teenager almost a grownup almost on my way to man hood things are changing

I used to be brave at everything but I feel different and changes are fine

I used to be a boy but know I am going to change the world

Clerihew poem

I am very talented so leave me alone keep me locked Down and stored away

Dawan Jonson

Is a famous person on earth every one is crowded a around him close the place down and protect him from his fans

One day your parents got you your favorite car that you have always wanted and what do you say keys please

Shaun goes home

Now Shaun


Work on it

It's easy just do it Landry

Vacuum dishes

It's easy

Thank you have a nice day

By: Shaun Heflin

I wish poems

I wish poem

I wish I had a star in my hand and a trillion dollars

I wish

I had a box that made me disappear

I wish

I had a very old Camaro ss that could fly so I can touch the sky

I wish

I had a turtle that is named bob