Online Safety & Digital Footprints

By: Franny Updike

Informational Speech

When: Monday June 6th at 6:06 p.m.

Where: The Breslin Center

What: A speech about online safety and digital footprints

Why: To stay safe online

Online Saftey

  • Never share personal information online
  • If you feel offended by something, tell an adult
  • Don't bully anyone online
  • Never tell anyone your password
  • Have a strong password with at least one: symbol, capital letter, and number
  • Don't click on pop up adds or emails from people you don't know
  • Downloading things can cause viruses, use a virus protection software

Tips to Have a Good Digital Footprint

  • Do not post, share, or send anything bad, that you don't want everyone to see
  • Google yourself to see what your web presence looks like
  • Build up your web presence to be good; if you don't have one at all, as you get older you will want one
  • Do not let anyone post something embarrassing of you

Safety tips to keep you safe