Enrique "KiKi" Camerena


Who was this guy and what happened to him?

Enrique Camerena, also known as "Kiki," was a special agent in the D.E.A (Drug Enforcement Agency). After years of him moving around in Mexico doing many different types of cases, he was finally on one of the biggest cocaine/marijuana bust in Mexico. In1985, he was about 4 days away from cracking a multi BILLION dollar drug pipeline. You have to remember that this guy is working with some of the most dangerous men in the country. Drug warlords do not play nice with the DEA for obvious reasons. Before he was able to release this pipeline to the public, he was kidnapped, tortured, and brutally murdered.
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Evidence founded:


  • Hole drilled in his skull
  • Broken cheekbones
  • Broken Jaw
  • Crushed windpipe
  • Drugs were found in his system to make him remain awake during the torturing
  • *The decaying body destroyed a lot of the evidence*


  • The car used to kidnap Kiki had his hair all over it and the same soil where he was kidnapped from

Fibers and Fabric

In the car, a sheet that was used to bury Kiki's body had left behind little fibers. The license plate of the car led them to the murders house where the torturing occurred. In the house fabrics from the car match fabrics from inside the house. From the evidence given, the FBI could clearly see that Kiki was sometime in this house and the car of the murder. The fibers of this case were a very important part of solving this crime because of it physical evidence given.

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Importance of the fibers??

The fibers and fabric founded at the crime scene showed similar color, composition, and construction design similar to the sheet that Kiki was buried in.

Setting, Location, Time period

  • When was he born? July26, 1947
  • When did he start working for the D.E.A? June 28, 1974
  • Where did this take place? Guadalajara Mexico
  • When was he kidnapped? February 7, 1985
  • When did he die? Early year of 1985

Who Killed him? Who was the verdict? What happedned to them?

  • Two of the most dangerous drug lords in the world
  • (Rafa Caro Quintero & Ernesto Fonseca Carillo)
  • 12 undercover police officers were also arrested


  • Both got the maximum punishment 76 years with 100 years added plus 104 more added to that. (Mexico does not allow for the death penalty of capital crimes)