Best Plays of the Week

Week of October 18-24, 2015

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C oach's Corner

I LOOOOOVE musical theater! I pride myself on staying current with the "latest and greatest" shows on Broadway. I LOOOOVE to visit New York and take in musicals on Broadway and stroll through the Theater District. I have seen almost 40 musicals! Yes, I have the Broadway channel programmed in my car on Sirius Radio. I admit it. I am a Broadway Junkie! Tuesday night I saw the Theater Under the Stars production of Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical. It was just fantastic! I was absolutely amazed at the talent pouring out of the young kids in the show! I can't help but hope that one day, one of our Best Bulldogs will see their name in lights! I usually get overwhelmed with emotion at some point during the show and am awestruck that music and dancing and a great story can move me to tears. This show was about Matilda Wormwood. She really is the most special and miraculous kid imaginable. She is a fabulous storyteller, loves to be engrossed in books, and is very creative! Her parents would disagree. Her dad always calls her "boy" (he really hoped to have a son) and also "lousy little worm". She is neglected and mistreated by her parents and she enjoys passing time at the library where she tells her stories to the always intrigued librarian, Mrs. Phelps, and finds new books to escape in. When she starts school, her teacher, Ms. Honey immediately notices there is something special about Matilda and she promises to continue to challenge her mind with new things. Surrounded by bullying and a child hating head mistress, Matilda's one solace at school is her relationship with her teacher. With Ms. Honey's courageous support, Matilda discovers that even though she is little she has the remarkable power to fight back. She joins her classmates in a revolt against their horrible head mistress. I of course was crying at the end. I am sure much like I did, you can think of many "Matildas" who have sat in your classroom. How could we ever pass up the opportunity to be a "Ms. Honey" (or a Mr. Honey) to any child?

Fall Festival

October 24, 2015 from 10:00 AM-1:00 PM

Our Fall Festival Committee has been working hard to prepare for a successful event! Tickets are on sale now so encourage your students to purchase them this week. Also, remember this event requires everyone to be in attendance. The items donated by each grade level can be collected and turned in to Ms. Alcala.

Mark Your Calendars

Mon. Oct 19-23 Red Ribbon Week (follow the schedule of daily themes from Ms. Simmons below)

Mon. Oct. 19-3:45 Staff Meeting (Professional Staff Only) "Working with Students in Poverty" (Part 1 of 4)

Mon. Oct. 19- Grades due in ESP by 4:00

Thurs. Oct. 22 Report Cards go Home

Fri. Oct. 23- 7:15 AM Team Leader Meeting (SDC and Bullying also)

Fri. Oct 23- 12:00 Intervention Update (All ILT in Science Lab)

Fri. Oct. 23- 3:40 Fall Festival Committee Meeting

Sat. Oct. 24- 10:00-1:00 Fall Festival!!!! :)

Baby Chicks Hatch in ASP! Stop by to see them. Nothing cuter!

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Family Adventures at the Children's Museum

We had a superb turn out for the family field trip to the Children's Museum last night! All 5 busses were packed with happy kids and parents. Thanks to Ms. Bluncson for organizing it all and thanks also to all the staff who volunteered their time to attend.
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Hospitality Update

We are looking much better with our participation rates!! Did you enjoy some frito pie a few weeks ago? That was courtesy of our wonderful Hospitality Committee!! Can we make it to 100%? I think we can!
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Red Ribbon Week Themes

Monday- "RED"y to live a Drug Free and Bully Free life! (wear red)

Tuesday-Sock It to Drugs and Bullying (wear crazy socks)

Wednesday-My Future is Bright...Bully and Drug Free (Wear college shirts)

Thursday-Hats Off to being Bully and Drug Free (wear a crazy hat)

Friday-I'm a "JEAN"ius (wear jeans)

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Reminder to join the crowd and wear your college shirt on Wednesdays! However, please remember this is not a day to wear jeans. Regular mode of dress for "bottoms".