Life Changing Summer

Cottonwood Gulch Outdoor Adventure Camp in New Mexico

Join us for an afternoon...

with Gulch Camp Director Kris Salisbury to learn how you can spend the best summer of your life exploring the mountains and red rock canyons of America's Southwest.

For nearly 90 years, Cottonwood Gulch has been taking kids on outdoor adventures off the beaten track in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. At base camp, they choose from a smorgasbord of Gulch-unique activities: from silversmithing to paleontology, Native American cooking to sustainable farming, adobe building to music and art.

But in the end, it's all just about big adventures, big friendships, and big campfires under big Southwestern skies.

Come find out more!

(adult sessions in September)

Get to Know the Gulch: Southwest Buffet and Slideshow

Sunday, Jan. 26th 2014 at 4-6pm

Torfs-Leibman House, 9407 Hale Place, Silver Spring, MD, United States

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