Panther Newsletter

8th Grade

Upcoming Events:

  • October 17 - November 16 - Can Food Drive
  • October 17 - November 4 - Student Council Coat Drive
  • Tuesday, October 18 - EMERGE in Mrs. Brown's Room
  • Thursday, October 20- Report cards go out
  • Thursday, October 20- "It pays to go to college" day. Wear your favorite college shirt.
  • Thursday, October 20- Pep rally schedule. Pep rally at 2:50.
  • Friday, October 21- SNO (Student Night Out) *Monster Mash *no clown costumes allowed
  • Saturday, October 22- MS district volleyball tournament
  • Week of October 24-28- Red Ribbon Week (flyer found below)
  • Tuesday, October 25 - EMERGE in Mrs. Brown's Room
  • Wednesday, November 2 - Field Trip to Dallas
  • Friday, November 11- Annual Veteran's Day program

Field Trip to Dallas

Permission forms for our field trip went home on Friday. Please sign them and return with $7 to Mrs. Brown ASAP.

We will need parent volunteers to join us as chaperones. If you are interested in being a chaperone, you must have a background check in order to be approved. You can easily click on the link below to access the form. The process takes up to a few weeks. Mrs. Brown will send home more information about the trips at a later date, but we wanted to give potential chaperones ample time to complete the necessary form.

Click the link below to find out more about the Historical Scavenger Hunt.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROJECT: Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive

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This week in Science we will be finishing up our Chemistry Unit investigating chemical changes. Next week Mrs. Cholette and I will kick off our cross-curricular PBL titled "Rev Your Engine Rumble" as we move into motion and force. For the Science part of the PBL, we will be building and racing mousetrap cars.

We will begin the unit with a review of energy transformations and then differentiate between speed, velocity and acceleration.

Look for more information about the "Rev Your Engine Rumble" coming soon...

We had a lot of fun playing student created games to review Chemistry.

Law of Conservation of Mass Lab

ELAR NEWS: Water Flipping Analysis (If you can't beat them...join them!)

We are focusing on summarizing this week. This is an area where we need growth in, based on our latest data from our Quarterly test.

To engage the students, we will use the well-loved activity (for the kids) of water bottle flipping. Students will analyze and summarize articles and media clips, including incorporating Newton's Laws of Motion. Students will spend the week identifying and recommending the most effective method(s) to demonstrate the perfect water bottle flip. We will end the week with the students creating a procedural presentation, of their choice, that demonstrates their understanding of the physics of water bottle flipping.

Next week we will begin our unit on The Outsiders. The story is a coming of age novel that centers around two different groups of kids, the Greasers (east side) and the Socs (west side). We will begin the unit reviewing life in the 60's, as this is an important element of the story. Students will randomly be placed as either a Greaser or a Soc. They will maintain these identities throughout the unit. This will include a cross curriculum PBL with Mrs. Brown in Science, building and racing mouse trap cars. For the ELAR aspect of the PBL, students, who will be partnered up, will create a Persuasive Presentation to obtain sponsorship for their cars. More to come on that later...

Math/Algebra News:

This week we are finishing our transformation unit in math. Rotations are sometimes difficult for students, so please encourage your child to attend tutoring this week if they need extra help. The transformation assessment is 2 part. The first part is a project that we have been working on in class, and the second part is a short assessment on Friday, October 21st. Our next unit of study will be the Pythagorean Theorem.

In Algebra, we will complete our Graphing Linear Functions units with a test on Thursday, October 20th. Our next unit will be Writing Linear functions.

US History News:

We have finally made it to the American Revolution! Students will be analyzing the causes leading up to the war for independence from Great Britain. Students will also learn about the significant individuals and battles that occurred during the war. Go America!

Enjoy the video "It's Too Late Too Apologize" that lists out several of the reasons the colonists wanted to declare their freedom.

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