Orange River

Longest River in South Africa

About the Orange RIver

The Orange River is the longest river in South Africa, and it rises in Darkensburg, Lesotho. The Orange River flows westward 22ookm into the Atlantic Ocean at Alexander Bay. At the source of the river the rainfall is about 2000mm per year and it decreases as the river flows west. At the mouth of the river its rainfall is about 50mm per year. The Gariep Dam, near Colesberg, is the main storage structure within the Orange River.

Things to do at the Orange River

A trip down the Orange River is one of the most beautiful experiences South Africa has to offer. The river slowly winds its way through the Richtersveld Mountains toward the Atlantic Ocean. A rafting trip will take you downstream as you view the mountain scene and the colorful birdlife. You can camp out in the mild temperatures, go on a boat, or go fishing.
Orange River Rafting