Food Safety Victoria.

Importance of Personal Hygiene in Food Safety.

Personal Hygiene.

In food preparation, you must always follow all the rules and steps of good personal hygiene. Making sure that you are being clean and not contaminating the food product is important. In this flyer it will tell you what are the key points for good personal hygiene when preparing food and the consequences that follow.

The key points of keeping good personal hygiene are,

  • Do not eat, or chew, gum whilst preparing food.

  • Always wash hands before handling food.

  • Do not sneeze or cough over food.

  • You must keep your nails short and clean, no nail polish or extensions.

  • Do not smoke while preparing food.

  • Do not wear rings or jewellery.

  • Always tie back hair or wear a hair net.

  • You must wear clean, protective clothing.

  • Always use a clean teaspoon to taste food, do not double dip or lick fingers.

  • Always have a clean and waterproof cover over cuts.

If you do not follow these rules there will be a lot of consequence's. Including, law suits from costumers who have consumed food and found hair, cigarette ash or butt, nail polish or broken nail extensions. If they get sick after they eat or drink something you have made after you have coughed or sneezed and contaminated the food they can fine you, get you fired or even shut down the place where the food was made.

If you follow these steps you will keep a clean and safe environment for you to prepare food in. Once finished cooking you must always sanitize the benches and check that all equipment and sinks are dried properly. Always sweep the floor and mop any spills.

By Abbey Woodward