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Tuck Everlasting Media Poster By: Connor Newall

Tuck Everlasing Movie

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Would you drink the spring water if you were Winnie?

In the story Winnie didn't want to live forever so she, decided to pour the water on the toad. While she poured it on the toad she said "There!" "Your safe forever!"
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What would you do to the man in the yellow suit if you where Mae Tuck?

In the story Mae decided to protect Winnie, by hitting the man in the yellow suit with Tuck's shotgun. When she was about to hit the man in the yellow suit Mae said "Not Winnie!"
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Would you go back to Treegap if you were the Tuck Family?

In the story Jesse came back to Treegap to see if Winnie decided to drink the water and live forever but when he reaches Winnies house he saw a grave that said "In Loving Memory Winifred Foster Jackson Dear Wife Dear Mother 1870-1948"
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Do you think it was a good decision for Winnie to replace Mae in the prison?

In the book Winnie said to Jesse "Jesse wait!" "I can help! When your mother climbs out the window, I'll climb in and take her place. I can wrap myself up in her blanket, and when the constable looks in, he won't be able to tell the diffrence. Not in the dark. I can hump up and look a lot bigger. Miles can even put the window back. That would give you time to get away! You'd have at least till morning!"
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Do you think that Winnie made a good decision to go out in the forest so she could find out where the music was coming from?

When Winnie saw Jesse, Jesse said "What're you doing here?"

As Winnie then said "Its my wood,"

Tuck Everlasting (2002) Official Trailer # 1 - Alexis Bledel HD
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