Falcon Frenzy

January 15, 2016 v. 3 issue 20

New format for the Falcon Frenzy

I am experimenting with a new format for the Falcon Frenzy. You can still expect calendar information, attendance updates, and hot topics. You will be able to give comments on the 24/7 feedback loop through the button located at the bottom of this page.

The Future of the Falcon 5

As we engage in the IGNiTE initiative it is important to rethink how we monitor our Falcon 5 system. For the past three school years teachers have been expected to make concerted efforts to have the Falcon 5 visible to students. In our very near future each student will have a device and daily learning objectives may be personalized for each student. Your "What, Why, and How" should still be visible to students but many of you will want to transition that piece from your white boards to your Canvas courses. While having a strong system is critical to everything we do, it's time to consider how to merge our systems approach with the technology we will have available. Using the Falcon 5, What, Why, How, Data, and Feedback as a guide for instruction and decision making will support you during this transition. Your admin team will want to have access to your Canvas courses and we will expect to see evidence of the Falcon 5 online. As many of you are experimenting this semester with Canvas, please let us know how you will incorporate the Falcon 5 in to your new delivery of instruction. We would love to share your great examples with the entire staff.
24/7 Feedback

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Master Calendar

January 15-16: Speech & Debate at Liberty

January 16: Color Guard Camp

January 20: HRA (appointment required, see Nurse Harmon for more info)

January 20: FCA, 7:00

January 20: Poetry Outloud, 3:00, Commons

January 22: Tennis Meeting, 3:00, Commons

January 22-23: Speech & Debate at PHS

Attendance Summary

Average Daily Attendance: 95.08%

Students with 90% attendance or higher: 81.58%