Est 2016

What is it about?

The Academy Theatre board has been created to help better our school's theatre program. The board will be a team of students working to innovate creative ideas and changes in to our theatre.


Are you interested in fundraising? Our Theatre Program starts off with a total of Zero dollars each year! That means everything we raised has to be earned. The board is looking for girls to come up with new ways we can fundraise for our theatre.


Our theatre board is not just for our performing arts students. Any non- theatre participants are welcome to join the board and share their ideas. We are also looking to create new branches to add to our program. If you have an interest in hair and makeup you can attend the meeting and we will talk about creating a hair and makeup crew at AOSE. Or would you be interested in helping organize costumes and assisting with quick changes for our actresses? Then come join our AOSE costume crew. We plan to make our board versatile so if you have any other ideas please write them down and bring them to our meeting.

When is it?

The meeting will be held on April 28th in room 200