CARTER WESLEY civil rights movement

a difference in Texas

carter w wesley

Carter wesley and the civil rights movement..

Carter w. wesley was born in Houston, TX on April the 29th 1892. Carter was a newspaperman,lawyer,and most importantly a political activist. Carter was mostly focused on defending african americans.He made part in associating with the ''Houston Informer'',a newspaper for african americans so they could stay alert of what was going on with their civil rights act.Both ''houston informer, and ''texas freeman'' were considered the oldest news papers for africans.This is how carter started to take part of the civil rights movement.

when did this happen??

the civil rights movement started in the year 1896-1954.


fact #1..african americans first arrived when Texas was still a part of Mexico

fact #2..african americans along with others started a what you could call a protest

fact #3..carter w. wesley later became a lawyer and represented the black at court

fact#4..the houston informer local newspaper layer became very famous

fact#5.. civil rights movements means men are created equal.

who took part??

two others who took part in the movement were Barbara Jordan and Maceo Smith.Barbara jordan was a lawyer and a educator. Maceo Smith was a pioneer civil rights leader in dallas tx.Both activist contributed to the civil rights movement.


History of the Civil Rights Movement

how was Texas affected by the civil rights movement?

Texas had to go through a lot of obstacles in order to reach their objective. The civil rights movement was going to become a life changing situation for african americans to have a right in their say. Texas would now change the way they treated each other, the civil rights movement would lead to a better life without any racism, and or discrimination.

two reason i chose this event

i chose to do the civil rights movement because i think its really intresting to be able to learn about how african americans got their rights back. it is good to know that everyone now is protected by the law,and is free to speak up.