Mrs. Franklin's Fabulous Firsties

September 16, 2017

Weekly Review

We had such a great week! So much learning, sharing, creating, problem solving and having fun happened this week.

Our focus in phonics was on reading and writing words with l blends, such as flap, click, slam, and blank. Students were also learning about making words plural. During reading, we kicked off our first unit with the essential question, "What makes a good story?" We read a story called, Big Al and Shrimpy. Ask your child to to tell you about the characters, setting and major events that were in the story. Next week, we will focus on identifying the problem/solution in stories as well as the central message. In addition, students will practice retelling stories including all of the story elements in a sequential order.

Math - We continued to refine our counting and adding strategies. Students played a game called Double Compare in which they had to add two of their cards and then decide if they had more/less than their partner's two cards. We brainstormed a list of adding strategies: count all, count on from the larger number, use a number line, and use related facts.

Social Studies - The students knew so much about using digital maps and the GPS! They laughed when I showed them how I used to use a map (imagine pulling out the big map from your glove compartment and highlighting the roads for your upcoming trip). We practiced using a map, map key/symbols, and the compass rose while looking at a map of the Baltimore Zoo and Hershey Park. They even created their own maps and included the necessary elements. We will wrap up the unit next week.

Sneak Peek time with the DEVICES!

The fourth graders were kind enough to loan us their devices this week. Our class was beyond excited to be able to use a laptop. They did a great job taking them out of the cart, carrying them carefully around the room and logging on to both the computer and to BCPSone. If your child isn't already able to log in by themselves, please allow them time to practice at home. They know how to get to Tumblebooks, PebbleGo and Brain Pop Jr. already! We will borrow them a few more times throughout the next few weeks and will hopefully get our own cart by the end of October!
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Daily 5

This week students learned about the Read to Someone center. We practiced how to sit with a reading buddy, how to take turns reading aloud, how to be an active listener and how to ask each other questions about the book. We even practiced what not to do (run around the room and sit in ten different spots, stare off when your partner is reading, read once and then talk about your weekend plans, play games). Students also continued building their own reading stamina during Read to Self time. Next week, Work on Writing will be fully introduced and all three centers will be up and running without anyone needing me to help (fingers crossed). They know that while they are busy working at their centers, I will be busy working with individual students or small groups. I love seeing how independent they are becoming in only a few short weeks of first grade!
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Odds and Ends

The next Scholastic Book Order will be sent home this week.

We will have our first guidance lesson!

On Friday, we will meet with our 3rd grade buddy class (Mrs. Brown) to celebrate Teddy Bear Day.

10/3 No School - Rosh Hashanah

10/5 Picture Day (Individual pictures only at this time)