How does it work?

Only 4 simple steps to follow

Step1: copy the script

On your template of product page you copy the provided script which contain your website id and website url. Then you click on "next"

Step2: check if the integration was successful

Enter an example of a product page url, click on the checking box and you will get notified in few seconds

Step3: get the meta data

We will try to define the relevant elements and give you an overview about the product.

The information are extracted from your meta data if they exist.

If you find that it is wrong then you will find a hint about how to correct it.

Step4: correct data

To correct the data, you have to click on the wrong element, the website will be opened and you click on the correspondant element to replace it.

Submit your integration

Everything went good ? Cool! now you just click on "Done" to submit everything.