Facts about plant and animals

Perfomance Task 9/17/13 Jaidon

How Populations Get Larger or Smaller

Did you know that all populations can get larger or smaller? When a population gets larger that means theres enough food so the population can increase. If the population gets smaller that means theres not enough food so the populations will decrease. However populations start from plants. there are animalshat that only eat plants that is called herbavors. Without plants all hebavors would die so the sme with predators.These are ways how populations can get smaller or larger.

How animals get food and oxygen

Do you know that all animals get food and oxygen differently. thats called features.features help you catch food. For example snakes have vedam in a bite from there teeth.Lions use teeth to tear them open.See there different.However we need oxygen to. animals get oxygen differently to. Like on land animals get oxygen from the oxygen surronding them.Under water animals get oxygen from the oxygen convoled in to the water.With out oxygen know living thing would not exist.These are ways animal get food and oxygen.

How babies devolep in to adults

Do you know that all animals develop from young babies to adults? Sometimes the babies come from eggs. Sometimes there mother leaves it baby to develop on its own. For example tappoles hatch from a egg and its mother leaves it to devolep into to a frog be its self. However there are animals that stay with there mother.But they oly stay with them for a large or small amont of time.For example a kangaroo stays with its mother for a amont of time.And other example is a penguin stays with its mother. These are facts how they transform into a young baby to a adult.