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Recalling Events Through a Timeline!

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"Timeline allows students to create a graphical representation of an event or process by displaying items sequentially along a line. Timelines can be organized by time of day, date, or event, and the tool allows users to create a label with short or long descriptive text. Adding an image for each label makes a timeline more visually appealing.

Add, drag, and rearrange items as needed. Saving capability allows students to return to their work and make revisions, and they can share their final work via e-mail." ~ ReadWriteThink Website

Sample Timeline Of My Year at a Glance

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Classroom Connections

  • Create a biographical timeline about a selected person (Christopher Columbus Day approaching)
  • Plot diagram the events in a story
  • Recall events that led up to a war

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  • Use a timeline to help manage a focused schedule of activities
  • Recall past memories through a timeline; children's milestones
  • Help write a story

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