Battle of Camp Wildcat

Date: October 21, 1861

Camp wildcat

The Civil War lasted barely a month for Private Lewis McFerren of the Union Army. He died on the morning of October 21, 1861, less than twenty minutes into his first battle. He was one of 15 men listed as killed in the fight at Camp Wildcat, the first engagement of regular troops in Kentucky.

Camp Wildcat wasn't one of the great battles of the Civil War. Yet, for the inexperienced soldiers who faced fire for the first time it might as well have been Gettysburg.

This is we're the battle of Camp wildcat took place

Also called the Battle of Wildcat Mountain, this skirmish occurred in Laurel County as part of the Kentucky

The purpose of the battle of Camp Wildcat

Felix zollicoffers’s confederate moved from Tenneesse in an effort to push from Cumberland gap into central Kentucky and gain control of the important border state

Zollicoffer with some 5,400 men occupied Cumberland Gap and took position at the Cumberland Ford (near present day Pineville) to counter the Unionist in the area. He readily brushed aside home gaurd troops ops near Barbourville in a what is now known as the Battle of Barbourville.

Who won

The north won the civil war

The death numbers of people on both sides

The numbers are unknown