Down Syndrome

Human Hereditary Project


1. Down Syndrome, Trisomy 21

2. An error in the formation of egg or sperm results in having an extra chromosome.

3. 21

4. Yes

5. Mental impairment, distinct facial appearance, and short stature

6. 6,000 babies in the U.S are born with down syndrome each year

7. It is genetic

8. It is sex linked, and recessive

9. There is now single, standard treatment

10. The child will need assistance for the rest of their life

11. The child may not live past the age of 40 but if they are fortunate, they will need to be assisted through their life and daily routines

12. There is no cure

13. There is not really any way of preventing it.

14. The individual will most likely not have children in the future

15. They would not have children to be affected

16. The current status of research is that there is no way to cure Down Syndrome.


18. Children can still function and be able to communicate with other people and still have a good life.


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