How to Blossom a "Scent"-ence

Noun Phrases, Verb Phrases & Pronouns

~Noun Phrases~

A noun phrase is the subject of a sentence.

~Verb Phrases~

There are 2 types of verbs:

Linking Verb: The word that links to the action verb.

Action Verb: What the person or object is doing.


A pronoun replaces a noun. EX: Me, my, I, we, she, he, they, it, etc.

Noun Phrases & Verb Phrases & Pronouns

Why "I" is a pronoun

"I" is a pronoun because it wouldn't sound right in third person like for instance I wouldn't say,"Stasia likes cookies," intstead I would say,"I like cookies."

What are the articles in the English language?

The articles in the English language are words that specify grammatical definiteness of the noun.

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How would you differentiate between a linking verb and an action verb?

A linking verb is a word that links to the action verb. An action verb is a word that describes what a person or thing is doing. Here is an example sentence, The ball bounced toward the wall. The linking verb in the sentence is, toward and the action verb in the sentence is bounced.
Verb Song from Grammaropolis - "Lights! Camera!! Action Verb!!!"