directly from the castles of MacNeil and Leonard

Land of READ-A-LOT

Maidens and Lords have been exploring elements of nonfiction text features this week! They have read one picture book called Apples as well as one part of the story How my Family Lives in America.Have a conversation this weekend and have your child tell you about the important features found within a nonfiction story.

Missions in Math

The Kingdom focused on the last skill for unit 1 this week. Regrouping and estimation were integrated within subtraction. Students worked on the mathematical practice of precision as they completed these skills. Next week we will test over unit 1 on Wednesday. We will begin unit 2 by Friday.

Soaring in Science

Our Kingdoms moved into the first science unit for the year!! Students gathered background information on rock classification as well as the rock cycle this week. This information will be handy when we begin to replicate an artifact!!

WRITING that is Worthwhile

Our Maidens and Lords worked on individual Halloween stories this week. They incorporated the use of transition words to write a well organized paragraph!! Way to go Kingdom!! We look forward to reading the stories over the weekend!


  • After school clubs continue next week!!
  • The district webpage is being rebuilt...please see our third grade blog for newsletter information and classroom updates. Go to!
  • Every student should be reading every evening and documenting this time read on their monthly reading calendars that are kept in their JOB binders!
  • Please consider helping the school out by selling items for the fundraiser. These fundraisers are what helps the school update gym supplies, pay for school assemblies, and buy new playgrounds!
  • We have a bus evacuation drill Wednesday!
  • Just a reminder that today was the end of first quarter. All AR points were due by the end of the afternoon!
  • Please make sure your conference letters are returned by Monday.