Sapphire Stars

March 2016 Newsletter

March Stats!

Hey Ladies, so happy Spring is here! This new catalog is amazing! So many great gifts to offer our customers! If you have not had a launch party, it is never too late to have one. 5 days left of April.. Let's finish strong!! Let me know if you need help!!



Sales & Parties for March

Jenna Tasker -$558.00- 1 party

Pamela Farquharson- $523.50 1 party

Joy Johnson $251.00 1 party

Kacy Gehrens $ 241.00 1 party

Submitted an order for March

Angela Clark

Crystal Soltys

Our Team had total of 7 parties for March Team sales $5719.50

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Happy 2 Year Anniversary to Jenna Tasker 3/26/2014!!

Conference 2016 "WHAT MATTERS MOST"

One of the best $99.00 investments you will ever make when you register by 6/1/2016.

Columbus OH July 16-18 or Salt Lake City Utah July 9-11.. Please reach out to me with any questions you have!! I hope you can make it!!



I am so excited for the spring/summer season! Please let mw know if you need help with anything. I am always here for you.

My Personal Stats: 4 parties

March PV- $3,619.50

New Team member-0

Commission- Just ask