Eagle Sightings May

Caspar van Haalen, Principal

Dear Eagle Families,

May Day is celebrated on May 1 in many different cultures around the world. It is a day of unity, togetherness, and rebirth; a day for everyone to come together and celebrate life as we know it. Of course, life “as we know it” carries a completely different meaning now. We are still making adjustments to our lives, our jobs, and our education. There are still many unknowns about the immediate as well as longer-term future. It is difficult to plan most things. All we know is what has happened and what is going on today. Tomorrow could be totally different.

In this newsletter, I want to emphasize that our school staff recognizes, appreciates, and respects that you are doing the very best to help your children. We are all in this together. Our teleschooling is a joint effort to maintain an acceptable level of teaching and learning. We keep attendance records, but we don’t impose attendance penalties. We will issue standards-based report cards, but there will be no grade penalties. When we go back to school, we will adjust our teaching and learning expectations to the fact that the 10-plus weeks of teleschool have impacted the academic and social-emotional readiness for the next grade. Please rest assured that no student or family will feel left out because of how they experienced teleschool.

Our teachers will share a student recognition video with you, which is in lieu of our monthly assembly. Our character trait for April was Honesty. The trait for May is Respect. Among the other things we’ll have to do differently are the annual 5th grade promotion, Kindergarten kick-off, field day, and library book return. You will receive timely information about all of those.

I want to thank you again for the questions you ask, feedback you give, and the concerns as well as moments of laughter you share with us. Everyone should feel good about the level of care that exists within the San Juan Island community. It is evident that this unusual and stressful time has brought out the best in all of us. We are here to support you and your children in any way we can. If you think we can help, please ask. We want you to know we are not doing teleschool to overwhelm you or add needless stress and anxiety to your lives.

I hope you have opportunities to safely enjoy being outside. May the fresh air and unparalleled natural beauty of our unique island be a comforting constant in your lives.

Have a wonderful weekend. Be safe and well.

In educational partnership,

Caspar van Haalen


With your help FHES will order student school supplies in bulk for the 2020-2021 school year:

Here's how it works:

  • pay $32 per enrolled K-5 student through SKYWARD Family Access by August 1

  • FHES will order all student supplies over the summer

  • on September 3rd, 2020 each child starts the year with necessary supplies!

Can you afford to give a little more? Please do!

We are strongly encouraging full participation; not only are the cost savings significant, but it saves families time as well. Most importantly, students are assured an equal start with supplies teachers have tested and know to be of good quality!

Each student will need his or her own backpack.

Notes from the office:

  • please clear up any outstanding lunch balances as the end of the school year approaches; any money left on account will roll over into the next year
  • as staff plan for next school year it is extremely helpful if you tell the office of plans to switch schools or move out of the area
  • have you recently switched phone numbers or moved... update the office
  • you can return your library books in front of the elementary school

the month ahead....

5/4-5/8 Teacher Appreciation Week!

5/10 submit your Mystery Musician guess to Mrs. Danskine by 8:00p

5/25 Memorial Day | No School

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