Coastal Plains

The Great Coastal Plains

By :cianna sparks

natral resources and physical features

Trees, rivers, soil, grasslands,lakes, rainfallas,fish, oil and natral gas.

It goes to compleatly flat and over time it goes to rolling hills.

*econemy-lumbering wood praducts, ranching, farming oil refining, fishing industry and shipping.

crops and climate

*Crops- cotten,rice, fruits, vegtables

*Climate- hot and damp

tornadoes and hurricanes

30-50 inches of rain per year in the coast

Places in the coastal plains

*Piney woods

*Post oak belt

*Black land prarrie

*South texas plain

*Gulf of mexico


The coastle plains are on the East Texas on the edge of the gulf of mexico.


A coastal plains is an area of flat, low-lying land adjacent to a seacoast and separated from the interior by other features.


ther is 5,000,000 people that live in the coastal plains

atlantic coastal plain