Week 5 DQ1

No Excuses University-- Assessment

"Assessment is not about you as a teacher; it is about your students (Lopez, D. 2013)"

Share your perspective on Lopez's quote and statement above. Describe how your mindset has changed or been validated.

My perspective on Lopez's quote is that teachers need to use the assessments to determine in what area's students need improvement so that it can improve student's success. Our reasoning for assessing students has to be grounded in a commitment to use the information in a way that helps us generate greater success for them (Lopez, D. 2013).

I am a believer in assessments for students because it benefits the teacher and the students and at the end it equals student success. An assessment gives the teacher a bigger picture of the student's needs and accomplishments. Then the teacher can identify directions for future instructional development.

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Four Questions Defending our Assessment Practices

Why are you participating in the assessments that you use with students? Can you share in explicit detail the value you find in each assessment? Do you participate in assessments that you find no value in for students? Are you using an assessment you have no idea how to develop, but are afraid to ask for help?

How might you use these questions in your current or anticipated practice? What value might it add to your practice by keeping these questions in mind?

The questions will help me with future units, lessons, and understand where students are progressing and where they are not.

Keeping these questions in mind will help me to understand that the purpose for assessing students will help students become lifelong learners and take ownership of their learning.

In what ways have you succeeded/failed to make students your partner in assessment?

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I am not a teacher in a classroom, but I feel like a teacher with my daycare kids. This reminds of positive reinforcement, with the intentions of increasing the chance of that behavior being repeated in the future. In a classroom explaining to the student what you are doing and why will help in hindering the student's success.
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Lopez, D. (2013). No excuses university: How six exceptional systems are revolutionizing our schools(2nd ed.). Turnaround Schools Publications.