Creating Creative Creations


~ I got interested when I took an art class in my elementary school.

~ I've enjoyed art ever since elementary school.

~ I really like how I can create things in different forms (i.e. drawing, painting, ceramics)

~ Achievements: New skills unlocked! I also won an award in 5th grade in an art contest

Who I Look Up To:

I guess I look up to my art teacher from my junior high school years. He doesn't like what some of the modern art there is today. An example is having two shapes on a canvas and calling it art. It's the same for me. He has shown some of his artwork to the class and I'd say it's pretty good.

Some of the top jobs include:

Guaranteed to find a new skill


What are the specific jobs for an architect (interior, exterior)?

Is there an option where someone is the multimedia artist and the other is the animator? Instead of doing both of these things, can you choose to do one?

Next Steps

1. Research art jobs one at a time

2. Choose the one I'm most interested in

3. Research for people who have that job and look for what they say about it