The Saber Truth

December 3-7, 2018

Saber Speak

Dear Sabers,

This week we are very proud to share that last Thursday, the Simi Valley Education Foundation awarded our very own Ryanne Boerem, 6th grade special education teacher, the 2018 Lew Roth Award for Special Education! This is an incredible honor, and very well deserved by Mrs. Boerem for the dedication, passion, and creativity that she brings to her students and colleagues each and every single day! Congratulations, Mrs. Boerem! And thank you for all you do for Sinaloa students and families!

It should be noted that Mrs. Boerem's dedication to her work extends beyond the four walls of her classroom. Mrs. Boerem is also our Mock Trial teacher, and as we prepare for second semester, we would like to mention our Mock Trial program.This is a great opportunity for students to learn about the judicial system, develop critical thinking and argumentation skills, and importantly, meet others who are interested in the same things! It's also a great opportunity to work on acting and performance skills, which are critical to the Mock Trial team's success. Note also that after the team's competition in March, the class will focus on bringing Model United Nations to students, which is another opportunity to engage in critical thinking and international thinking. If you or your child is interested in this program, please reach out to your counselor before December 7th!

Critically, this week we will hold a scheduled emergency drill. This is part of our school's commitment to safety and preparedness. We do not anticipate the drill will take more than a few minutes' of instructional time, but it is important that all students are aware of what to do in the event of a real emergency. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

As always, please keep an eye on our website, this newsletter, and our marquee for updates about all the great stuff going on at and around Sinaloa.

Best regards,

Bradley Torti

Principal, Sinaloa Middle School

Sinaloa Mock Trail

Attention parents who are attorneys! Sinaloa's Mock Trial Club began meeting this week and we are in need of an attorney coach. If you have a background in law and would be available Mondays from 3:30-4:30 to help guide our Mock Trial Team to a win this year please let Mrs. Boerem or Mr. Long know. The commitment would be from October through March with additional practices being added as we get closer to competition in March.

We are looking for students who are interested in this awesome elective! See below for more information and email your students counselor by 12/12 to have your student join the class.

Yearbook Ads for Sale!

Support your student and the whole Sinaloa Yearbook team by purchasing yearbook ads! Cost varies from $55 to $250 and goes straight into the work of making sure a memorable experience stays, well, memorable! Please reach out to our ASB office if you are interested in supporting our yearbook or if you have any questions.
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Counseling Corner

This last week has been a stressful time for our community. We thought we'd share some tips for helping your teen through these stressful moments. As always, please encourage your student to stop by counseling if they need to talk.

How can parents help children and teens manage stress?

  • Be aware of your child’s behaviors and emotions.

  • Build trust with your child.

  • Be available and open to talk with your child when he or she is ready.

  • Encourage the expression of feelings.

  • Teach and model good emotional responses.

  • Encourage your child to tell you if he or she feels overwhelmed.

  • Encourage healthy and diverse friendships.

  • Encourage physical activity, good nutrition, and rest.

  • Teach your child to problem solve.

  • Remind your child of his or her ability to get through tough times, particularly with the love and support of family and friends.

  • Keep your child aware of anticipated family changes.

  • Monitor television programs that could worry your child and pay attention to the use of computer games, movies, and the Internet.

  • Use encouragement and natural consequences when poor decisions are made.

  • Help your child select appropriate extracurricular activities and limit overscheduling.

  • Make your child aware of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol before experimentation begins.

  • Monitor your own stress level. Take care of yourself.

  • Contact your child’s teacher with any concerns and make him or her part of the team available to assist your child.

  • Seek the assistance of a physician, school psychologist, school counselor, or school social worker if stress continues to be a concern.

Sources: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Adolescent Health; National Association of School Psychology

2018/19 Saber Club Schedule

Attached below is the flyer for this year's clubs. They are a great way for your student to make new friends, try new things, and even get help with homework. Check out the schedule with your student and encourage them to try at least one!

Attendance Policies

Attendance Phone Line: 805-520-6830 Press 1, or Ext. 7021 (Can call anytime day or night)

Para espanol, oprima la estrella. (Llama dia o noche)

ABSENCES - Parents have five (5) days to call-in, email, or send in a note to the attendance office to excuse an absence otherwise it becomes truant. Keep in mind that personal/vacation are verified but still considered unexcused.

TARDIES - If a student is tardy to homeroom or late to school, they need to check-in with the attendance office to get a tardy pass. Students tardy to homeroom will have a 15 minute detention after school unless a parent calls, emails, or sends in a note to excuse the tardy. Excessive tardies to classes will affect "citizenship" grade.

EARLY PICK-UPS - We encourage parents to call-in ahead of time (or send in a note or email) for early pick-ups so that we can have the student in the office ready to go. Anyone checking-out a student must be listed on the student's emergency contact list, be 18 years or older, and must show a valid ID.

Upcoming Events

For the full Sinaloa Calendar of Events, CLICK HERE.