MIMIO Challenge Station

Who is up to the challenge?

Welcome to MIMIO Challenge Station!

If you were following a stepping stone path for using MimioTeach to add another dimension to student engagement, what stone would you be on? Would you be on the 1st, 15th, 24th stone?

Look at the graphic below - Where are you with Mimio adoption?

No matter where you are, I encourage you to accept all or some of the challenges!! Even if you are well-versed, it is promised that you will learn something new - and who doesn't like learning something new?!

Are YOU up to the challenge?

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Station #1 - Setting up Your MimioTeach

View the very detailed video below to learn how to set up your MimioTeach device.

Follow this link to get print directions.

You must download Mimio software before beginning. Once on page go to the Resource Tab > Mimio > Download

Also, be sure to view the Quick Tips Slide show also below.

Check Your Knowledge