The End of the Traditional Hawaiian Kingdom


Persistent pressure of American Missionaries and Foreign Influence were the primary causes of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on Jauary 17, 1893. Constant actions by the

Historical Significance

Without the constant pressure of foreign influence on the monarchy, the overthrow and annexation of the Hawaiian kingdom would not have happened the way it did. The end of the Hawaiian kingdom is important because Hawaii is a state, and without Hawaii being annexed and a republic of the United States, it would not have been a state today if it were not for the foreign pressures. The outcome and these events are showing the manifest destiny of the United States and their might and power to take land that were not theirs to begin with. The long term effect of these events are the living breathing examples that walk on the once traditional soil of the Hawaiian Islands. The annexation of Hawaii led to many changes like the industrial reform, which is shaping the population and the economy of Hawaii today. We reflect, not traditional Hawaiian ideas, but now the ideas of the American, of the English, the ideas of prosperity in money and hard work. Hawaii was transformed into another boiling pot of stew; however, although the traditional Hawaiian kingdom and monarchy has ended, the aloha and malama lives within the hearts of those who love the land.

Is Hawaii Legally and Lawfully a State of the Union

No, Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state. President Grover Cleveland was wise to realize that the actions of the provisional government were out of war. This is because nations go to war for land that they want. Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state because it was basically forced to be one, it was already an occupied land by a very well independent race, but the greed of the foreigners grew. They wanted Hawaii for pearl harbor because of the Spanish war, and they didn't want Japan to annex Hawaii as well, however, this soon became more than a want; Hawaii was becoming an expensive accessory that the young foolish wanted to steal. Just as much as the United Would not want a country, or multiple countries, coming in and pointing a bunch of guns at their face telling them to give them their land, Hawaii would not want it any more than them!

Hawaii... Over the rainbow.

This song, over the rainbow, takes us into a dream. A dream of which we can bask in the wonderful island atmosphere of what Hawaii once was. a land of prosperity and love. A land of peace and community. We can dream of a land over the rainbow like Hawaii. After the storm, there's always a rainbow, when it's foggy and hard to see, when it clears up, the scenery is breathtaking; that's like what we can think of Hawaii and all its majesty before the influence and pressure of foreigners and the United States.

Mustafa Sharawi

Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole- Somewhere over the rainbow by Mustafa Sharawi

The Obvious

Over the years, we can see Hawaii evolve to modern day culture all around the world. With Hawaii having an immensely diverse race population, we see the influences that take place in architecture, agriculture, economy, and politics. Although Hawaii isn't its all natural haven is it formerly was, we can still see a glimpse of what it was before. Its luscious mountains and valleys still remain and the beauty of the islands are complimented with the serene ocean. We can drive ten minutes up the road from a home and look out to see the beauty that captivated the hearts of the world. A place like no other: Hawaii. The beauty and life of the land is still here.

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