Digital Citizenship

Roy M. Period 6

#1 Digital Ettiquette

  • Be nice online
  • You should be nice online because there are bad people online that will hack you and look and see where you live on your profile where you live and come and kill you and your family.
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#2 Information Privacy

  • Don't share your information online
  • If you share your information online you could get get hacked and tracked, so that's why you shouldn't share your personal information online
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#3 Social Networking

  • Think before you post
  • If you are mad and you don't think before you post you could get in a lot of trouble, then you have to forgive and forget. So, think before you post.
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#4 Online Safety

  • Be safe online
  • You have to be safe online or else the people that are your friends online could hack you, find where you live, or ask you a lot of stalker questions. If you have a friend online and wants to vide chat with you, you have to let your parents know, and to let them see.
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#5 Cyberbullying

  • Never Cyberbully
  • Cyberbullying is very bad, if someone online or somebody that you know thinks that you two are friends and starts cyberbullying you, you should tell a parent or a teacher at school. If you are at home you should let your parents know about what is happening.
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#6 Plagiarism

  • Plagiarism is like copying
  • Plagiarism is like copying off of someones paper on a test. Every time you copy something go the internet you have to give credit to the person who made the the thing.
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#7 Copyright

  • Copyright is like plagiarism
  • Copyright is the legal right for your work if someone wants to copy it the y can't unless they give credit to he/she. Copyright lets the person know not to use your work unless it says cc which means creative commons which is free to use.
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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is a expectation and a big long page of rules to follow those expectations that include being good online and by using appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use. Technology users need to be aware that not everyone has the same opportunities when it comes to technology.