My Dream Kite

How to make your dream


Dream Kites

What you need to make a Diamond kite

You will need paper (wax paper would be better)Tape, sticks, ribbion, wood dowls, trash bags, banger, yarn, paper

Why i pick this kite

I pick this kite becuase i like it and it is very easy to make also becuase i liked it a lot and how i make it is very fun.

why should You make this kite

you should make this kite becuase it is fun to make with your friends and you would love flying it at the end.


Step 1: Get the color paper and make a box that’s about 10 ft     Step 2: Draw a line to each corner of the box     Step 3: Cut the paper that’s not needed for the kite off ( BUT DO NOT CUT THE BOX)    Step:4 Turn the kits side ways so it can make  so It will look like a diamond.     Step 5: Take the pop cycle sticks and tape them together into to they touch the corner or the kites (they should make a t):  Step 6: tape the sticks to the kite         Step 7 Take the tooth pick and stick 4 holes in the middle of it.       Step:8 Take the yarn and put them in the holes (this is for when you fly the kite)Step:9 Tape the yarn down on the back side of the kite so it will not come out when you are flying it.Step:10 Take the paper that you cut off the kites and make a tail it can be any type of tail that you want it to be Step 11 Take the tail and tape it to the end of the kite