SustainEd Updates

with SWB and Henry Ford Academy: Elementary School

Build Days at the Botanical Gardens!!

Yesterday saw the first build day for the aquaponics prototype. Sibu, Dan and Brie started the construction of the system. Professor Steve Wright donated IBC totes that we will use for the fish tanks, and barrels for the grow beds were sourced from a gentleman in Ypsilanti. A large focus of this system will be the integration of reused materials, while also emphasizing ease of access for educational opportunities. Build days will continue at the Botanical Gardens over the next few months. While emails will be sent before each outing, please feel free to email any of the officers ( if you are interested in getting involved.

Coming up this week:

This week at HFA:ES we will be continuing the Renewable Energy module. The scholars will be focusing on Wind Energy on Tuesday building their own anemometer, followed by Solar Energy on Thursday. If you would like to facilitate a lesson this week, please let us know ASAP.

Field Trip #2 - Recycling Here! Detroit

This Saturday, April 12 will see the next SustainEd field trip in Detroit. Students will start with a tour of the recycling facility discussing what items they collect, how materials are recycled and the importance of recycling.

We will then walk around the corner to the Lincoln Street Art Park to discuss how the reuse of materials has changed the Detroit community. This is the illegal dumping site turned into an open park for the community! We will discuss various art pieces like Frank the Dino, who is made of plastic! Finally, we walk down the street a little further to the Fisher Canyon. This train alley has been cleaned up and is now a rotating art gallery for artists. Here we discuss the difference between tagging and street art along with the sense of respect that is incorporated into the Fisher Canyon.

If there is time we can walk across the street to Sticky Feet Farm, which was built solely out of found items (except the soil). There is a plastic bottle greenhouse and raised beds made out of glass bottles!

The SustainEd team will be leaving Ann Arbor at around 9:30 am and returning by 2 pm. If you would like to join us and catch a ride with the team, please email Sibu, Mim or Brie before Friday.

Upcoming Events...

Next SustainEd Meeting

Monday, April 7th, 6-6:30pm

Dana Natural Resources Building, Ann Arbor, MI, United States

Ann Arbor, MI

Our meeting will be a little later this week at 6pm and the SWB mass meeting will take place straight afterwards at 6:30pm in 1028 Dana. View our agenda items here!

Earth Day After Party!

Thursday, April 17th, 4-7pm

5926 Lincoln St

Detroit, MI

Is your calendar free Thursday April 17th ? Green Living Science (who is organizing our next field trip at the Recycling Center) would love for you to come enjoy good company, and refreshments at their art park fund raiser (It’s from 4-7 PM at 5926 Lincoln Street.)

This event will be intended to help raise money for Green Living Science's new educational program, an outdoor class room! With the shipping container classroom GLS will help DPS students learn the importance of biology / sustainability, and the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle)!

It would be great if you could attend, as having you there will raise awareness of the issue and help us attract others interested in educating the youth in Detroit about the environment!

Please let Mary Claire Lamm know if you are available to attend. For more information check out the Facebook Event!