old Tennessee


Virginia,south carolina, Mississippi, Florida ,Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana ,Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina ,Tennessee,

MY Side

That slavery was legal and that each state should decide their own rules and they should be separate to the north they didn't like the government in dc that it was trying to abolish slavery States rights started the war then in the middle was slavery

Our Proud leaders

Jefferson davis was the president Robert. E. Lee was the leader and Alexander Stephens the vice president

The Battles of Justice

The First Battle Of Bull Run was based in virginia July 21st 1861 was one of the first major battles of victory for The Confederate States Of America

The Battle Of Wilson Creek August 10th missouri (first major battle west of the Mississippi)

The Tragic Battle of vicksburg

The siege of vicksburg 1863 may 18-july 16th was a tragic battle and a Turning point in the war. here's what happened in a series of maneuvers The yankees surrounded the Rebels and took out all the food with the power of starvation witch ended up drawing them to start eating the animals raw the confederate lost and this is when ulysses grant was recognized and picked for the main general

The affects on the families in daily life

There were many hard ships with the civil war their was death and lossage of food and good drinking water and animals also the had death of others close friends and family.