Body Language


Effects On Body Language

Your body language has a huge influence on the length and type of personal interactions you have. It can tell the people around you ‘stay away, I don't want to be talked to or it can tell the people ‘say hello to me, I’d love to talk with you’ .

Ways You Can Tell Someone Doesn't Want To Be Talked To

  • Hunching your shoulders and looking at the ground
  • Keeping your facial expression neutral or even a bit on the grumpy side
  • Pretending not to see other people, just in case you might know one of them

Different Types Of Body Languages

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Language

Non-verbal communication is everything except your words. It includes body language(which by itself includes facial expression and body attitude) but also include many other factors such as object language. Seeing someone driving an Mercedes You Automatically Think They Have Money.
Big Bang Theory on Body Language