Dangers of Phishing

By: Laura Wong

About Phishing

Phishing is when someone steals information about you, or causes a virus on your computer. This can happen when you click on a link that someone has sent to you. Make sure there is nothing suspicious about the email. Maybe their email doesn't have the companies name in it or it isn't spelled correctly. Other giveaways are them not addressing you by your name or grammatical errors. If you see these things there will probably be a link too. Avoid clicking that link because this can lead to them stealing you identity or your computer getting a virus.

Be aware

It can happen to you

Phishing happens all the time and it can happen to you. Be careful and look for the phishing signs.

  • Non-professional email address
  • Not addressing you by name
  • Grammatical errors
  • Links
Big image

Gmail email

The Gmail email above shows all the signs of an email that is phishing for information. Pay close attention to where it it is highlighted in pink or yellow.