John Locke

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Who is John Locke

John Locke

He was born August 29, 1632. His parents were puritans that raised him likewise. In 1652, Locke attended the University of Oxford were he studied logic, metaphysics, and classical language. In 1668, Locke was elected a fellow of the Royal Society. He graduated with a bachelors of medicine in 1674. Locke met Lord Ashley, soon to become Earl of Shaftsbury, who persuaded Locke to become his personal physician. Locke became his secretary of presentations later after Shaftsbury became chancellor. Shaftsbury influenced Locke's political thoughts majorly which influenced his writings. Locke's book, "Two Treatises of Government," pushed England into possible revolution. In 1683, Locke was exiled to Holland where he wrote "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding." When he returned to England in 1688 after King James II fled the country, he published his essay. He became a hero to his country after power was shifted to parliament. In Locke's later years, he published more books, and remained connected to government affairs. Locke past away on the 28th of October 1704 but his ideas shaped modern society into what it is today.

What kind of Person was he?

John Locke was a person who had integrity. He served his lord for most of his life. He felt complete when he passed, he was proud of himself up to the day he passed.
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