By : Paige Foley #207

Winter Bio-Poem


cold, white, pillow soft, imaginative

fourth season of the year

Who likes frost, ice, & snow

Who feels cold to the touch, big, & soft

Who needs the thought of white, ice, & snow

Who gives creativity, thought, & love

Who fears the idea of warmth, the sun, & fire

Who would like to see creativity, playing, & soft snow

Resident of the worlds 4 seasons


Paige 5w Poem


Walking through the snow that's as soft as a pillow

In the winter of Minnesota

Soft white winter

To enjoy her snowy winter before she returns to her cabin deep in the woods

Winter Limerick

Winter, its snow glistens

Winter, its snow will listen

Winter, its magical to your mind

Winter, its beautiful with snow

Winter, you can listen with your heart

The Interest of Winter Acrostic

Wonderful in the snow

Imaginative to yourself

Never ending with snow

Trustful to your heart

Exciting with creativity

Recreating to the mind

Seashell See What I Found


a diamond, beautiful and treasured

deep beneath the golden beach sand

to decorate and fulfill your images

small and meaning-less to your eyes

but big and meaning-full to your imagination

Ancient "I am" Poem

I am an ancient scroll

I see the fish swarming around me

I hear the sea weed swaying in the ocean waters "Swish swash"

I love the sea floor of the ocean blue

I fear the discovery of my value

I know that I am very valuable

I hate my future discovery

I remember my writer

I believe that I am very ancient

I am an ancient scroll