Classroom Fearspiration Blog

Finding strength. Overcoming fears. Staying true.


You will write a blog entry that will draw from your expertise of overcoming challenges in high school (or in life). This site will serve younger peers in the high school by providing inspirational entries of success while still preserving oneself.

You will be providing others with something you were not given: advice. You are the experts at on your experiences, use them to help others!

In your entry you must include:

  1. State the advice you wish you would have gotten that would ease your apprehensions in high school.
  2. Provide a purpose for why you are giving this advice; justify it.
  3. Tell your story. How did you discover this advice? How did you cope with any change?
  4. Could this situation have been avoided? Would you rather it not have happened?
  5. Why are you glad you got to experience this lesson?
  6. What is your philosophy of fear? Do you believe fears hold a person back or protect them?
  7. How do you recommend acting under fear and pressure in high school?


  • Title (possible 5 points)
  • Introduction (possible 10 points)
  • Addresses all questions (possible 30 points)
  • Conclusion (possible 10 points)
  • MUGS (possible 10 points)
  • Visual (possible 5 points)
  • Fearspiration (possible 5 bonus points)