Please Stop Laughing At Me

By Vinny Gates


Please Stop Laughing At Me is a story of a girl throughout school getting bullied . From Elementary school through high school she was bullied by her friends because she would always be the good person and try to not get in trouble. She can't even walk In the hallways without getting abused verbally and physically. Her life was pretty tough but she got through it and made some new friends every time she went to a new school. By time her high school reunion came none of the bullies remembered about bullying Jodee. "The bullies never remember, but the outcasts never forget." Page 163

Character Analysis

Some of Jodee's personality traits are helpful, scared, sad, kind and frustrated. Her habit is getting bullied every school she goes to. Jodee had dark curly hair and she is short and skinny. Jodee's friends are Marianne, Jo Ellen, Callie, Debbie, Emily, Jim, Sam, Rickie, Robbie, Greg, Jason, Kim, Reese, Paul, A.J, Jacklyn, Niko, Yorgos, and Vangelle.


The type of conflict Jodee encountered was character vs society. The reason why it is character vs society is because she always would be abused by society and even her so called "best friends". Her problem was that she couldn't even walk down the wall without getting verbally abused or physically abused. The way she tried to resolve her problem was by changing to different schools but that didn't work.