Milk pods

The weeds and children that saved the American soldiers

Milk pods

A milk pod is a plant that is similar to the milkweed. They wee weeds that saved the troops by being made into life jackets, and the children were the ones to get them. Today, people look at these plants as annoying weeds. This was during world war 2. American soldiers were fighting in places and the children helped save them! But during world war 2, children would go anywhere to get these milk pods. Milk pods were used by the government and workers to make life jackets and parachutes for the soldiers fighting in the war. The children collected milk pods and sent them on a train to factories to be made into supplies. The kids would pick them a lot because they would get 15 cents per bag, sometimes 20. This is what kids would do back then, but today it's very different

Similarities from then and today

Milk pods are still used today. People collected milk pods for something (in this case for world war 2) kids today could collect them for something, maybe to feed a animal (like a insect) or to explore. When World War Two was over, kids and adults started ripping out the weeds since there were bad for soil and people still do that today.

Differences from then and today

Today, most kids don't go outside to run around, look and collect plants, or be in nature at all. To some kids it's all about video games and electronics. If you look back into the childhood of a kid during world war 2, they would be outside collecting milk pods playing around, girls would play with dolls. Most kids are lying around and doing only one thing, staring at a screen and playing games! Back then, their wasn't even much technology, but today, that's all their is to most kids.
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This shows what teenagers did during that time along with collecting milk pods, compared to what they do today.