New & Improved TRIP Program!

Earn FREE Tuition Dollars While You Shop

How to TRIP!

TRIP (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program) is essentially a personal fundraising program that doesn’t require you to sell anything or purchase items you really don’t need. Instead, you buy gift cards and certificates through St. Ann School for the places you already patronize: grocery stores, retail establishments, gas stations and other service providers, and restaurants. The cards work the same as cash and can be used to make purchases and, in some cases, pay off store credit cards. (Please refer to the order form for specific information on each store or restaurant). The school is able to purchase the cards at a discount, you pay face value for them, and the difference is deposited in your T.R.I.P account–which then goes toward your tuition payments.

We place TRIP orders every Monday morning that school is in session. The latest most updated order form is available here on our website. Traditionally, orders and payment are sent into school on Mondays with your students, they are processed, and the orders are ready to go home with your students on Thursdays.

This year we have an added convenience for you: online ordering!

  1. Visit, and click on the Join a Program button.
  2. Our enrollment code is 34DA3E253142. Enter the code, and then click Register.
  3. Next you will set up your user name and password, and fill in your account information.
  4. Then you can shop!

Order online any time! Your order will be held in cue until we put in our weekly physical order, and will then be ready to be sent home with your student on Thursday, just like always. But now you can select from three payment options.

  1. You can still submit a check through school in a clearly marked TRIP envelope (if you select this payment method, we will need to have your check by 9:00 a.m. Monday morning, or your order will not be put through that week)
  2. You can link to a bank account (there is a 15 cent per transaction fee for this method).
  3. You can pay with a credit card (a 2.60% fee is incurred with this method).

You will also notice a much larger selection of vendor options online. The list we maintain on our paper form is mainly establishments that are found in our area or that have been specifically requested, and these are all physical cards. If you travel, or prefer using e-cards, you will find many more options on the website.

(The website also announces the introduction of a new mobile app, Raise Right by ShopWithScrip. We have not yet explored its capabilities, so cannot offer any advice or instruction at this point. If you would like to try it, please let us know how it works out!)


Important Things to Remember


We do need to have an annual registration form on file for all participants. This is how we know when to issue your credits (quarterly or annually) and also authorizes the release of your TRIP cards to be sent home through your students. The registration form is available for printing on our website, and you can simply send it in with your first order. Or you may fill it out electronically, save it to your computer, and email it to (be sure to digitally sign if you choose this method).


Several of our vendors are local, meaning we purchase directly from them, rather than through Shop With Scrip. You may find some of them in the online ordering portal, but our local owners and franchisees give us a better percentage when we buy directly from them, so you will want to order those on a physical form to maximize your credit. Specifically, these local vendors are the following:

  • Beggar's Pizza
  • Gus Bock Hardware
  • JJ Kelley's
  • Kohl's
  • Mancino's Pizza & Grinders
  • Stephano's Pizza
  • Strack & Van Til
  • Subway


They can buy through you, or open their own account and designate their credits to your family. We just need them to submit a registration form so we know who to credit.


The St. Ann TRIP program holds back a half percent of each transaction to manage our administrative costs (weekly FedEx charges, paper, ink, etc.). So the discount you see on the website won't match up to your credits if you are keeping track. For instance, Gap/Old Navy offers a 14% return--what you will actually receive is 13.5%. This is reflected on our paper order form for each vendor we indicate on it.


Be sure to receive all of our communications by keeping your contact info up to date! If there is another parent or guardian you would like to receive these emails, please send their information to

Also, please follow us at all of our social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also have a private parent group on Facebook: St. Ann Friends.