Mobile apps

Five apps to use in the classroom

Google Earth

Mapping and Geography tool.
This app is useful because it offers a more up to date atlas than any print version could offer. As street view becomes more implemented, this app will be useful for allowing students to see various locations around the world from the ground. Teachers can bring up a location and with this app students can explore the world. The viewing modes will also help conceptualize abstract or arbitrary concepts such as borders.

Convert units for free

Unit conversion app with various conversions.
This app would be great in and outside of the classroom. It would be useful for expanding on questions. For example, students could be given a physics problem (calculate velocity in km/h) to solve, after which this app could be used to convert the answer (what is the velocity in mph?).

Dictionary and thesaurus.
An excellent reference app that allows students to look up word definitions and alternatives. It can also be used to build vocabulary with the word a day feature. With this app students no longer need to carry a dictionary and thesaurus with them for papers or reading. This app could be used as an icebreaker activity by giving students complicated or archaic terms which the students would then define in groups.


Virtual flashcards
This app would make an excellent study tool. It includes links to pre-made flashcards and users can also make their own. It also includes a study mode which students would find useful for test preparation or general retention. I would use this app to highlight the flipped classroom. I would assign readings and have students create some flashcards pertaining to the more difficult material which the class could go over together.


Videos and presentations from some of the world's most progressive thinkers.
I would have students use this app in various ways. It is great to watch just for fun, but TED is also useful for providing new ideas and raising questions in a way that supports self learning. Students could use it as a starting point to brainstorm or begin a project.

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