Peak Experience

By: Melanie & Haley


If you are facing problems in your life then climbing Everest is not the brightest thing to do, the only thing it could do is to make things worse. With the high altitude this can effect your lungs and make them weak and you can end up dead up there.Most people don't see how high they are and this is what causes all these problems.

Climate On Everst

Climate on Everest is not the best especially in January witch is the coldest month had an average for about -76 degrees F and the warmest month is July and the average is around 6 degrees F. The amount of precipitation is o% and 83% humidity and 3 mph wind speed on 3/15/2016.

Preparation For Climbing

In order to climb mount Everest the supplies you need is a tent with a sleeping bag

because you wont survive laying on the snow. Also you would need is warm clothes to stay alive. Another thing you will need to climb Mount Everest is a camera to tape things and backpacks to carry all you stuff and more.

Holly Angelo's Report

So far Peak is up to something like a unusual 14 year old boy would do, HE'S CLIMBING MOUNT EVEREST! What a dangerous idea, will he live? We don't know! This could be a competition between another 14 year old Sun-jo only 6 days older than Peak. Who will get to the summit first? Now that Peak and Sun-jo are climbing, looks like they stopped due to some problems. Now both of there dreams are crushed.

Biography Of Climbers

Josh is Peaks dad, and he left Peak and his mom for 7 years then just randomly popped up out of now where. Peak is totally different from his father he actually wrights to his mother, Rolf, and the to peas (twins). Sun-jo he is a friend of Peak and a grandson of Zopa. Peak took good care of Sun-jo when he was sick. And last but not least Zopa of a grandfather of Sun-jo he ent to jail but got out thanks to Josh, Peak, And i think Sun-jo as well.