The Secret Years

by Jennifer R. Hubbard

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Have you wanted to be with someone secretly? Well Julia and Colt were sneaking around for a year while Julia was dating a rich kid named Austin. Only because Julia thought that the things Austin did with her family Colt wouldn't want to do. After Julia suddenly dies Colt's life spins around. He is haunted and teased by her memories they had together. Julia's brother, Michael, hands over the journal that was owned and written by Julia to Colt. This all took place in a small town. During Colt's 11th year in high school while it was Julia's 12th year."The truth was that I couldn't have kept her even if she'd lived. At the end, we'd both been pushing at the walls of our secret world, pushing at each others." Located in the book


I chose this book because the title and cover drew my attention. The cover is calm and how mysterious it was.

My favorite part of the book occurred when Colt finally received that that life was still going on around him without Julia there.

In my opinion, the book is very realistic but fantasy actions occur.
Some reasons I liked this book is because the intense mission to keep their secret affair going. And after awhile of Colt rejecting his feelings for Kirby they finally went out. Reasons I disliked this book is because Julia called Colt "flat" trash! Then after all Julia and Colt been through Julia stayed with Austin.

Overall, I would rate this book a 4 because the book could have been more detailed and meaningful

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Julia's Song ( the secret year )

It would be recommended for teens mainly or/and adults