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Does Ion SpaShower Works? Read Our Special Report

With the innovation of our technology today, it’s not surprising that everything is becoming more advanced. From TVs, mobile phones, homes and more. But besides all of the things I’ve mentioned, one of the gifts that that technology has given us is a modern shower head. It’s not an ordinary shower head because it’s more than that.

Advanced showerheads today will not only help you shower but as well as ensure that it puts pressure on your body to help you relax. Usually, these advanced shower heads have different features, and of course, great features come with high prices. Well, the good news is, we found an affordable shower head that has the features that high-end showerheads have and this is the Ion SpaShower.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Ion SpaShower and why you should get one for your bathroom besides its affordable price but also due to the benefits that it can give you.

What Is Ion SpaShower

Ion SpaShower is a showerhead that has the ability to increase the pH of the water. It has a lot of benefits including, reduce of dandruff, itchy skin, dry scalp, and as well as hair loss. It has different features that will make your shower experience more beneficial than it is. The shower head has three different modes to help you feel relaxed every time you get in the shower.

These three modes include the rainfall, jetting, and the massage. If you want to relax while you’re showering, then the rainfall is perfect as it will help soothe you and wash the stresses away from you. The jetting, on the other hand, is a burst of water that’s powerful enough to rejuvenate your skin, especially with the ionized water. Lastly, the massage mode is where your body, soul, and mind to get revitalized. All of these will make sure that you

One of the best things about Ion SpaShower is that it is packed with Calcium Sulfite, Activated carbon, Alkaline Ceramic Balls, and KDF 55. These materials have different benefits, from filtering the materials from the water to ensuring that the water that is coming out of the showerhead is high in quality and is purified. Also, these materials, have the power to remove sand, rust, heavy metals, and chlorine from the water, making it purified.

Another good thing about Ion SpaShower is that it has an Anion ball, mineral ball, and energy ball. The Anion is the one that breaks the molecules in the water to smaller ones. It will produce different minerals which will be absorbed by your skin easily, which then promotes that skin’s elasticity.

It is also packed with mineral balls, which will remove the chlorine’s residual in the water. It can remove impurities, metals, and bacteria, thus improving its oxidant for a healthier and better look for skin and hair. The energy ball, on the other hand, can help adjust the pH level of the water, thus making it alkaline and beneficial to your overall health.

Why Choose Ion SpaShower

With all of the information above about Ion SpaShower, it’s surprising that you are not yet adding the item to your cart right now. One of the many reasons why you should choose Ion SpaShower is that it can provide you with healthier skin and hair. The reason behind this is because the water that this produces has minerals that can improve the appearance and the overall health of your hair and skin.

The Ion SpaShower can also help purify the water as mentioned above. This makes the water clean for your hair and body, thus removing the possibility of irritation and such. Also, this shower head is durable enough, which makes it leak-proof, long-lasting, and definitely strong since is made out of stainless steel and polycarbonate.

The Ion SpaShower can also help increase the pressure of the water by a maximum of 200%. You also don’t have to worry about water wastage because Ion SpaShower reduced this by 30%. Now, you can install this on your own without the help of a professional. All you have to do is to install the head to the standard hose and it’s ready to be used.

Ion SpaShower Tests

Of course, we want to ensure that we will be providing you with an honest and accurate review of the Ion SpaShower. We decided to give out give showerheads to five of our editors so they can try it and see if they will get relax at the end of the day when they shower. We let them use it for two whole weeks and waited for their feedback.

After two weeks, we interviewed each one of them and they all rave about how the showerhead helped them relax and feel rejuvenated right after showering. They also loved how the pressure is strong because it feels like the water is massaging their bodies after a long day at work.

One of our editors often experience headache and she showered using the Ion SpaShower and was surprised at how it helped her headache since the water pressure feels like massaging her scalp. A lot of them also love how it made their skin and hair looked healthier than before.

They asked if they can keep the Ion SpaShower that they used and of course, we let them keep the shower heads so they can put it to use. With all these reviews, it only goes to show that this is one effective shower head.

Where To Buy Ion SpaShower

You can directly buy Ion SpaShower on their official website. They are offering discounts for purchase one or more, and the more you purchase the higher the discount. You can pay for your orders via credit card or PayPal, whichever you prefer.

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