Tears Of A Tiger

Sharon M. Draper

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Andrew (Andy) Jackson is known to be a considerate person, but due to the accident he slowly becomes selfish. How he becomes selfish after the accident is when Andy and Keisha go Christmas shopping and they happen to see a Santa Claus display, which brought up too much memories for Andy so they had to go home early. Because of Andy he couldn’t move on from that fact he saw that and it reminded him of a time when Rob was still alive.


Andy,Rob,and 3 other friends go drinking to celebrate their basketball game win. However,their their lives were changed that night when a tragic death results from drunk-driving. He felt guilty for Rob's death. He won't forgive himself because he felt responsible for Rob's death since he was the one driving. Soon he feels depress and feels that he loses very precious things that are closest to him.
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"Mama is calling me now. She says it's time to go. But i'll always love you, and i will always miss you, and i'll will never forget that it's okay to put dragons in jungles and tears on tiger."(pg.180 Sharon M. Draper)

Character Similarties

Andy Jackson relates to us because the event that happens to him happens to us. Like, how he has to dealt with the passing of someone close to him and some of us cant cope with the feeling of emptiness. Some do get into depression and try to seek help, but it doesn't always help even though you try to get past though it with the medication and the help none of it really helps the situation for them. It gets really dangerous to the point where when you know that they therapy doesn't help anymore. Eventually, it is the sad truth that it results in suicide.