The Hero's Journey

Template and explanation

The proccess

Template for personal Journey it can be done with post it or LEGO.The main concept is as follow:
The person is uncomfortable in the ordinary world where he lives. The Hero is unemployed or in training mode looking for a job, or lost in his life and thinks a change need to be made. Then he gets or sees a call for adventure, for example, to set up his own business. However fear shows up for many different reasons (lack of skills, financial issues, lack of mentoring, etc) and a refusal of the call happens. He needs a Mentor that helps him to cross the threshold and leave his comfort zone. Once obstacles are identified (we could divide them into big categories personal fears based on the backpack and legal ones) they are organized as in a video game by levels to overcome one by one at the time.
The facilitator asks the Hero to build different LEGO models and reflect with him based on the question posted.
Each step moves him forward towards leaving their comfort zone, it happens when he acquires new skills and starts to visualize all the resources he needs and who is the stakeholder involved.
By crossing the threshold he enters in the prototyping phase, the transformation process starts. Every step is guided. The Mentor uses this tool to empower the Hero but at the same time to move him into a new template named Business Model You.