Greek Mythology

Genius Hour


Hades- Hades did NOT get banished to the underworld. After Zeus, Poseidon, and him won the war over the Titans, everyone drew for the part of the Earth that they would rule for. Hades drew the underworld,and started to rule over the dead. Later as I have now heard in a story. Demeter and Zeus had a baby named Peresphone.Hades fell in love with her and kidnapped her while she was in the fields. She had fallen in


Aphrodite- Aphrodite became a land god by cursing every woman of Lennos. She searched and searched for their husbands, and while looking she began to like the Earth, so she stayed and is now a land god of beauty and love that most people don't know was an oceantic goddess.


Zeus- Zeus became the ruler of all gods the same way Hades became the ruler of the Underworld. After he and his brothers won the war over the Titans, they drew for what part of the Earth they would rule over. Zeus drew the sky which automatically makes him ruler of all gods. later I researched more facts about Zeus and fond out he is known for many affairs.

Genius Hour 5th Grade GT Expo

Thursday, April 30th, 11:15am

Pleasant Grove Intermediate School Library

The 5th grade GT has been working very hard this year toward this genius hour GT Expo. I myself am doing Greek Mythology as you see here. If you would like to learn more about greek mythology and many more topics, we welcome you to come and enjoy our expo. The information you need to know is above. We thank you for coming and supporting my fellow 5th grade GT students!